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Retail, Wholesale, we will help you to distribute your product via any channel you wish


Pack, send, returns, restock, payment , all in one solution for your online shop


Import, warehouse storage, Inventory management, you can remote monitor all

Professional Services

Customer service, Language support, Accounting or even Financial Management

About Us

We help you to expand your business in Europe

We provide fulfillment service include Logistics, Custom Clearance, Warehousing, Inventory management, invoicing, payment, product return etc for your business needs in Europe and China

Why Choose Us?

All in one solution for all size of companies

You may choose all of our services or avail any single service as you need. Our platform backend allow you to monitor your product in real time. You may do invoicing, monitor inventory, manage payment, view the status of your shipment. and if you wish, we can do all the tasks for you

Our Services

All in one fulfillment service center


International logistic service include sea, air. Local logistic service such as DPD, UPS, DHL, PostNL etc.

Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance assistance, export or import documentation

Warehouse Service

Warehousing , Inventory management


Invoicing, taxation

E-Commerce Service

Pack and send, payment collection, Item returns

Customer Service

Customer inquiry, language support, Email, SMS, Phone support

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all in one solution, in deed


We can finally focus on local market sales

Indo Bazar Greece

Warehouse, Logistic and even inventory management partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we only use your custom clearance service?

Yes, we can do custom clearance for you in Netherlands and have your product sent to any where in Europe.

I am selling in Aamzon, Can you send my items to amazon warehouse?

Yes, not only Amazon warehouse, we can forward your cargo to any where you instructed us to do so.

I am selling in my own online store, what service you can assist me?

with or without your appearance in Europe, we can assist you in packaging, labeling, invoicing, item returns, sending orders to your customers in lower rate.

Do you have a platform or software to monitor our stocks?

Yes, by accessing our platform, you may monitor your stock inventory remotely. and also you may do invoicing, and customer management etc. many other features allow you to run your business remotely.

Where is the warehouse?

The warehouse is located in Rotterdam Netherlands.

Can we visit the warehouse to check our stocks?

Yes, you may arrange, move-in and move out your own stocks during weekdays and on appointment during weekends or holidays

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